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how can I create ACCT_BUDAT into COPA account based data source?

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hi Friends,

I create a COPA data source use standard BI function: KEB0 and find that the posting data(ACCT_BUDAT ) can not include into it.

I checked the table CE4xxxx_acct and find that it has already in it, however when I check tcode KEQ3 I found that this field is not in the list.

So can anybody tell me the reason and advice? the posting data is important for the report. Also if possible, may I include the COPA document number into the COPA account based datasource?

thanks very much!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The posting date BUDAT is not a characteristic ; its just a technical field.

There is a logical reason for this

The CE4XXXX table basically holds a unique PA segment no for a unique combination of characteristics. For example let us say you have only 2 characteristics customer and product. Then let us say for customer 1 and product 1 you have PA no 1; for customer 2 and product 2 PA no 2 and so on. Every time you post a document with customer 1 and product 1 the same PA no 1 will be reused i.e. no new entry will be made to CE4XXXX.

Now if you were to introduce a new characteristic called date in this table then every time the date changes a new PA no will have to be generated and the entries in CE4 table will grow. This will make reporting more difficult and will also cause performance problems.



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