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How can I create a banner for SAP portal?

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If I want to create a banner for a SAP portal where I can create it?? Needs to be in a specific format??

For example... my department want's to announce something in the portal in a banner... how can I create it?

Thanks a lot for the help!!


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The simpliest way to add the banner is to manage the [Dynamic Navigation|].

You create a simple KM Document iView that shows you custom html coded page (as it already said in upper post).

Then in PCD you add this iView as delta link to the Dynamic Navigation of the page, where you wish to see you banner.

If you want to turn off the banner, make the added Dynamic Navigation invisible of remove it.

Regadrds, Mikhail.

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Hi Carlos

If you want to create a banner in portal, you can do it using web page composer. Through WPC you can create the layouts in which you want to display your news. You can assign roles to a user who is the content author without having any technical knowledge.

Please checkout the links below for WPC



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Hi Carlos,

store your html, image etc files in KM and write custom code to read this file.

Create a custom iView based on this and add it to the page where you need the banner. In our case we need it everywhere so we have assigned it to framework page.