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How can I copy a standard Web Dynpro Abap?

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I have to make changes to some texts in a standard web dynpro: FITV_FPM_START. One of the texts is "Description" ("Descripción" in Spanish), which seems to be protected in the OTR. So the only option I see is to copy the whole Web Dynpro, locate the component in which the text appears, and replace it for the new one. If there is a simplest way I'd be glad to know...

I've copied the Web Dynpro and then all the Web Dynpro Applications, with their parameters and so on.

When I verify one of them most of the things are not appearing on the screen. I can only see the buttons. What have I missed to copy?

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I dont think you need to copy the application, check this [blog|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

check this thread too []



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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If you just want to change some OTR text, I do not think that you need to copy the whole application. Just get the alias for this OTR text. (I just tested changing an OTR text from did not ask me for any I hope it will be alright in your case as well....)

To get Alias, go to your webdynpro application, than go to menu "Goto", select "online text repository browser", than double click on the OTR text you want to change the text for. This will open up a new window...the first line is Alias Name.

take this Alias Name....go to transaction SOTR_EDIT

on the screen which shows up, you have following

Language: Pick English here

Text: *

Alias: here put the alias name you found

Concept: leave it blank

click on display.

Now on this screen go to the "EDIT" menu -top of the screen-where you also see system and help menu. Follow the following path:


As soon as you will click on will see a pop up coming up with following fields:



close this pop up box without filling out anything there....just click on red x and close this pop up box.

After you close the pop up box you will find that the "Language" field is open for editing....

In this field choose the language you want your Alias to be translated into or leave it as English if you want English..

In the text field...type in your new text....

Save your work...

That is need to do anything else.....

you can check if your Alias is being translated...

go back to transaction SOTR_EDIT...and than choose language and put in the Alias Name

you should see your changed text...

I guess you are copying a FPM application...if that is the case, than you might be missing the configuration for that application...that is why you see things missing there.... try to search in forum for FPM guide....

I hope this helps...