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How can i compare Iflow versions in different environments in SAP PO 7.5

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I need to compare the production version with non production version of Iflows. I can not manually go and check each receiver and its receiver interfaces along with the conditions and Operation Mappings. Is there any easier way i can identify which version of Non-Production system is current Production version.

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We are still struggling with the Iflow version management due to multiple people working on single Iflow for different requirements we really need a way to figure out the exact version of Production Iflow in Development environment and do our changes to move to production system.

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Hi Appasab,

You may have a closer look at the UDO tool

It offers a download functionality for Iflow xml:

(also available as a mass download) as well as a feature to compare in which systems specific Directory Objects like Iflows are available.

Here is an example of a 3 tier landscape that shows "Iflow with one Sender" is not available in Production (PII):

If you are interested to learn more about UDO please contact me via

Best Regards,