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How Can I checkout folder and subfolder in SAP Power Designer?

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Hello Experts,

I am new user for SAP Power designer and please bear with me for basic questions.

I tried to checkout models within various subfolders of one main folder at my local directory.

and getting ldm and cdm files list to check out like below:

Once checked out, below items at target folder (checked out folder):

My question is -

1) Can I not see items at checked out folder in same way as it is at power designer (PD) repository like folder and sub folders ? I guess after check out, it is listing ldm, cdm and pdm files within various subfolders and not creating parent folders and sub folders as it was there in repository.

2) Do I need to create those folder structure manually at local directory if I want to see same folder structure as it is at PD Repository?

3) If I want to check out at different folder then do I need to change file name path for all files manually like below:

How can check out all files at different folder without changing file path for all files manually.?

3) If there are 2 folders in same work space like below:

then Can I not open only one folder?

I mean when I do open work space , it opens both folders within that.

I want to see only one folder and not the other one at the moment of time.



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