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How can I change userid and loginid for LDAP as userdatabase in SAP EP ?

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Hi all.

I have this situation.

one Windows Active Directory server.

one SAP EP server.

I needs to configure SAP EP server userinfo database point to Windows AD server.

In my Windows Active Directory, user attribute includes windowsuserid, physicaldeliveryofficename and others.

I needs to configure physicaldeliveryofficename as userid in SAP EP, but I needs user use windowsuserid as loginid to login in EP ( not physicaldeliveryofficename ) .

Is it possible ?

Now I can configure officename as userid and loginid in SAP EP, by change attributeMapping



<principal type="account">


<nameSpace name="">


<attribute name="j_user">

<physicalAttribute name="physicaldeliveryofficename"/>


<attribute name="logonalias">

<physicalAttribute name="samaccountname"/>


<attribute name="j_password">

<physicalAttribute name="unicodepwd"/>


<attribute name="userid">

<physicalAttribute name="null"/>





But in this way, user must enter their physicaldeliveryofficename as loginid.

I needs user to input their windows AD loginuserid to login in EP, is it possible ?

Thanks a lot

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Answers (1)

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I have the same need. Have you find a solution ?



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Hi David.

We develop a LoginModule.

And when user is login in, the LoginModule will read username from input parameter then transfer it to userid as user input principal.

So in SAP EP, the user account id is mapped with Windows AD officename, but user can use their username to login