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How can I build Android app from SAP Build Apps

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Hi everyone,


Using SAP Build Apps, I would like to create app to read QR code and get the ID then retrieve content by ID and confirm it.

To access to data, I use BTP destination. So BTP authentication is required beforehand start page.

I created app based on the above, build MTA and deployed to CF, then HTML5 application is registered to CF succcessfully.

I opened HTML5 app via Edge browser in my mobile device (Android) and click scan button, but nothing happened.

I went back to confirm scan logic and found that this is not used by Web (below).


To solve my issue, I believe I should build it as Android app, but unlike AppGyver (Android Builds ( I could not find option to build as APK/AAB in SAP Build Apps (I used free plan for the moment).

How can I build Android app from SAP Build Apps to enable scan? Or alternative way is fine.

Other considerations

SAP Build Apps Preview is not available at BTP authentication point (discussed at SAP Build Apps Preview Issue | SAP Community).

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Instead of SAP Build Apps, I implemented QR code reading app by Mobile Development Kit (MDK) successfully.

I used Business Application Studio with Productivity Tools space, then there is similar GUI feature to implement user interface.

Also I used SAP Mobile Services to deploy app to mobile device (Android in my case), also I used Mobile Cloud Build to build my MDK client (apk file) to install to my device.

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In SAP Build App once you build your application then you can use Launch view and create build apk. You can also upload this app then in google play store.