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how can create a input ready query base on a real time infocube?

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how can create a input ready query base on a real time infocube?

Now I search many thread about query peropery about start query in change mode that is must base a aggergation or multiprovide

but now I found a query can change properties start query in change mode and planning table page set input ready that it is base a real time infocube .

but now I cann't find how it created

can help me.thanks very much !

and I get offical suported from SAPhelp that a input ready query must base on a aggregation or multiprovides ,but fact is I see a ready input query created base on a real time infocube

help help help

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thanks Snehith and SHAMKANT SONAWANE

I kown a ready input query must created base on a aggregation or a mutiprovides from many materical and SAP HELP.

but now there is ready input query is created base niether a mutiprovides nor mutiprovides,that is base on a real time infocube,so I post this thread ,hope someone can help me to find the reason

I have check many time that is no create aggregation and mutiprovides

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Generally, we create input ready query based on aggregation level since it will lock minimal set of records.

If we want to do planning using input ready query we have to specify all the characteristics combination present in aggregation level/Cube for keyfigures.

To be honest, I have not come across a requirement where in I need to create input ready query on RTC.

So try to create input ready query using all characteristics in cube & keyfigure which you required.

Aslo check the radio button in properties of Keyfigure- planning tab - change using manual entry.

Also Best pratice is to restrict as many char. as you can in filter level.

Hope it helps.


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Hi wenlong,

It is not possible to create an input ready query directly on a real time infoprovider. We need to have an aggregation level created on the real time info cube using the planning modeller, and based on this aggregation level we can create the input ready query. Also we can include the real time infoprovider in a multiprovder, and create an aggregation level on the multiprovider and create the input ready query in the multiprovider.