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How are you using the Namespace Prefix?

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As the subject says...

The top-level namespace prefix looks very useful for segregating projects into their own this what this is for, or does SAP have another recommended use for this prefix?

The vendor name already makes the namespace unique to a corporate entity (if you use the domain name), so anything after that is really only of importance to the internal development environment...

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you have partners developing for you, or your development is big divided into different orgs,

the namespaces can make your life really easy distinguish the code and packages.

Regards, Angel

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Even if your development isn't that big, using the 'name space prefix' would allow you to further segregate your codebase.

This also becomes important when your domain name is rather long - 15 characters. Take away four or so more for the namespace prefix, and you're left with 20 characters for the DC name. Add in a few separators, and you're down to 12-15 characters.

Obviously, readability can suffer when you start to abbreviate too much, so I'm looking for best practices when it comes to the namespace prefix.

Thanks for your comment.

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