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How and when will Explorer functionality migrate to Lumira?

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Two years ago, SAP announced that Explorer functionality/use cases would be folded into Lumira as part of the convergence of the SAP BusinessObjects BI product portfolio. While many aspects of Explorer functionality exist today in Lumira, some of the core search and exploration features are still missing and Explorer is largely unchanged in BI 4.2 from previous editions. What is the current state of convergence?

  1. Will Lumira become a viable replacement for Explorer sometime in 2017?
  2. Will existing Explorer information spaces and exploration views either work as-is or migrate into Lumira?
  3. Will there be any kind of design council so customers and partners that rely on Explorer today can influence the final solution?


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    I had the exact same issue myself after see the conversion slide and the last word I got from Blake ( May 2016 - SAC Meeting @ SAPPHIRE) on Explorer was that Lumira will replace it within next 2yrs.  There will NOT be an export / migration path from existing Explorer work spaces to Lumira.  We will need to recreate Lumira / Design Studio object again, this the current plan at this time.

I am trying my best to work with the Lumira Influence council to change there mind on Explorer migration / export option.



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I will give you a partial answer today, and trust that Blair will complete the answer when he is back in the office.

We are continuing the execution of our convergence plan, and Explorer functionality is part of the key priorities defined for 2017. While Lumira 1.x has made progress to integrate Explorer functionality, we are looking at Lumira version 2 for additional functionality like best chart recommendation, faceted navigation and, hopefully in the next 12 months, the search capabilities.

  1. So Lumira should become a good option in 2017 to answer your 1st question,
  2. but I'm not sure whether there are plans to migrate from Explorer at this point.
  3. Lumira Design Council is the best place for Explorer customers to influence the solution and priorities.