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Homogeneous system copy from Prod to Quality on Windows/MSSQL

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Dear All,

Request to please help with the steps to perform system copy from Production to Quality .

The environment being used by me is Windows/MSSQL Server 2005 and the system copy

method that is being used is Attach/Detach for MSSQL Server 2005 as per OSS Note 151603.

I need the step by step approach to complete it.

The steps known to me :

1) Run the Export Prep via Sapinst in the Source System

2)Stop the R/3 and source database

3)Detach the source database using MSSQL server mgmt studio

4)Copy the datafiles and logfiles from Source to Target and rename them according to target sys.

5)Stop the target R/3 and database.

6)Detach the database

5)Attach the copied files to target system database.

Can someone help me with the steps ahead.....

Points for any helpful answer ...for sure


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A complete guide about preparation and post-copy is available at

and the note you mentioned.


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Here is the translation to English: Regarding the topic, I'm interested in doing it the same way, but on the destination server I only have SQL Server installed. What are the steps I need to perform a system copy?