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Homogeneous Copy Between x86 platform and x64 platform

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Dear All,

we have doing a migration from and BW older system with x86 32 bits and W2000server/SQL2000server with BW 3.1C, so the target system is an AMD machine x64 64 bits wih Operating system 2003server/SQL2000server and BW 3.1C.

we have been talking with SAP OSS support and the conclusion is that this configuration is not supported for SAP for BW 3.1c SQL2000 and W2003server with x64.

Nevertheless we need to do this migration because after the migration we have to do an upgrade to BI 70/SQL2005 and W2003 in this machine

The problem here is the SAPinst for BW 3.1c is for x86-32bits and not for x64-64bits, so do you know some way of do that, I mean if we can use some sapinst diferent for do the installations, or if someone already did this migration before???

Best Regards and thanks very much

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Hello Ernest

I'm now in a similar situation.

A heterogeneous system copy from BW 3.1 Win 32 / DB2 --> BW 3.1 Win x86_64 / Oracle 10...

...and.. I'm not sure if technically is possible...

Do you have some news from SAP AG ???

Could you tell me what did you do?

Thanks and regards


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Javier, this is an heterogeneous system copy. go get the SAP guide.

and please do not hijack existing topic with a question that is different from the original one... you re the first to talk about DB2 in this topic...

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I think you are stuck in terms of your current strategy. SAP does not have a 64 bit kernel for BW 3.1 on an NT platform. What you'll most likely need to do is to upgrade the SAP system to a release that has a 64 bit NT kernel - BI 7.0 on the WAS700 kernel. The problem you'll run into here is that you'd be attempting to get a BW 3.1 system onto a 64 bit OS and only have a 32 bit kernel for the SAP system - this will lead to myriad of technical issues that you do not want to contend with I'm sure.

Otherwise, you'll run into the issue of not having the proper kernel components to make the jump. While sometimes it is necessary to move briefly to an unsupported platform combination to get to the OS/DB platform you need, you have to make sure that there are technical tools from SAP available first.

You may need to rethink the strategy here and make sure that for each jump, you'll have the tools needed.

Please let me know how this works out for you - I'm sure that in the near future, many of us will also need to contend with such an situation.



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Dear Sir,

I cannot remember exactly but I think BW 3.1c using a WAS 6.20 engine?

If so - then you may follow the Note 960769 - Windows: Migration from 32-bit to 64-bit (x86_64) and substitute the kernel for a 6.40 release.

I would also recommend that when you perform this migration, you install on SQL 2005 as it will not be possible for you to upgrade SQL 2000 32 bit running on x64 to SQL 2005 64 bit running on x64. This fact is documented in 977058.

If you need any more assistance, please post in this thread and included the Basis release of BW 3.1 - its a long time since I have used this release and I cannot remember the details.