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Ho w can I do to combine two columns into one and use this whole column as where condition

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I am referring to URL:

Please get back to me on the following feedback:

For EX,

I want to use below CQL to combine two columns into one column, and put into In statement. How can I do this?

Select.from(Test.class).where(t -> ( +["0001Test1","0002Test2"])

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Answers (1)

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You can easily build a CDS view over your entity that combines both columns. The second link already shows (it's linking a bad practice in the performance modeling guide) that is not the best way to model your requirement. You will run into performance problems resulting in high CPU/memory costs.

As an alternative you you could introduce an additional column for the combined value to your entity. Then, you add a @before handler for your entity that takes both source elements and joins them to the resulting combined element.