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Hierarchy Loading Error - Error generating program. Message no. RSAR245

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Dear experts:

We are trying to load an custom hierarchy from ECC into BW 0MATERIAL and Material is the last level of that hierarchy. I use BW10 to create the hierarchy datasource and implement the logic in BADI.

Actually this way works well for me if 0MATERIAL is not included in this hierarchy (For example the hierarchy is 5 levels, material is the last level, and I only load the first 4 levels). But when I include the last level material and assign the IOBJNM of last level as '0MATERIAL', the infopackage will abort with below error message:


Error generating program

Message no. RSAR245


An error occurred during program generation:

Template: RSTMPL83

Error code: 6

Row: 0



This is strange because when I change the IOBJNM of last level from 0MATERIAL to another my custom InfoObject, then it works, and all the 5 levels can be loaded into BW on 0MATERIAL. So the logic in my BADI should be correct.

But now my problem is I need to include 0MATERIAL as the last level of my hierarchy and build this hierarchy on 0MATERIAL.

I checked into SAP NOTES and seems I need to import a support package. This would be time consuming and may not be approved by the BASIS side. So I am wondering if anybody meet the same problem before or have any idea/suggestion on that?

Any post would be appreciated and thank you all in advance!

Best Regards!


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The error is because the length of source field in ECC is different from the length of target infoobject.