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Hierarchy Authorization Variable became optional while migrating to BI7

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Dear All,

Recently, we have migrated my BW 3.5 system to BI 7 environment but using 3.5 functionality there.

Our Hierarchy Authorization Variable based reports were working fine in 3.5, here variable field were mandatory and protected (GRAY field with drop-down facility) but now while executing this in BI7 with 3.x reporting, this became free text enterable field (drop-down also there).

Help me how to make it mandatory & protected?


Sunil Sinha

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Answers (1)

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Hello Sunil Sinha,

I assume you are using the hierarchy node variable.

I think you mean that in BW3.x you cannot type in the node name directly (as it is greyed-out) and have to pick it from the F4 help.

And in BI 7 you can both type in directly or pick from F4 help.

Actually this is a design change.

In BW3.x, they wanted to prevent user from typing in a wrong node name.

In BI 7, they gave more options.

However you don't need to worry about the security.

If user types in a node which is not authorized, the system will say "no authorization".

It is better to use F4 help which only shows the authorized nodes.