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Hierarchies - Showing not posted values.

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I've a query, I'm using InfoObject 0GL_ACCOUNT and a hierarchy for displaying it.

For some accounts, no values have been ever posted, but I wan't this accounts tho show when you expand the hierarchy.

Now when you expand the hierarchy only the accounts that have posted values are showing.

Is this possible ?

I'm using BW 3.5 SP15

Thanks in Advance,

Miguel P.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Miguel,

There is how to paper on SAP services for displaying slow mooving items. You have to use the method suggested in that paper .

You can create a multi provider using InfoObject 0GL_ACCOUNT and the data target you are using below. Then in the report create a restricted KEy figure for 1ROWCOUNT and use constant selection for all the characteristics used for selection in the report.


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As Jaya mentioned you need a Multiprovider on 0GL_ACCOUNT characterstic and Base Cube.

Take a look on the standard query 0IC_MC01_Q0001 which is bulit on Multi provider 0IC_MC01 in the query designer .Here the important Thing is The column caleed "All Mterias" ,which makes all the materials to be displayed in the report.

Similarly you need to take a KF which is only available in 0GL_ACCOUNT as an attribute. And restrct it with Info provider = 0GL_ACCOUNT. And take Tick mark(by right click on this column) for <i><b>Constant selection</b> </i>and tick mark for <b><i>"Display values not posted"</i></b>.

Foe more general info:

With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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