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Hierarchical Filter Selection not working properly

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Hi Experts,

I have created a WAD7 template for which i have given profit center hierarchy as a default value. So when the Chart gets displayed, i get the values for required hierarchy nodes (Till Level 1) which i have selected for (6). Now i want to select one of the sub nodes (out of 6) & see the data for that as a drill down functionality. So i used the "Hierarchical Filter Selection" Web Item in WAD7. However, it's not giving me option to display "posted values" instead it giving me "Listed Values". As a result i am getting all the values listed for the hierarchy even i don't need them, like Unassigned node.

#1. How can i only show the posted values instead all the listed values in hierarchy?

#2. Also, with the same web item, it's displaying the PC attributes information like - Object currency, Person Responsible, Source System ID etc. which is absolutely not required. How can we i avoid that? Is there any setting which will allow me to turn off the attributes from being displayed in the report?

Below is the snapshot for your reference.



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Hi Bidyut,

With regard to posted values issue, can you please refer the following SAP KBA Note and check whether it helps you:

1565809 - Settings for BW query F4 help

And with regard to attribute issue, can you please refer the following SAP Note:

1144979 - RSD1: Deactivating attribute display in input help

As mentioned in the SAP Note 1144979, can you call the  program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN and create the following entry (INSERT) if it does not already exist and check whether it helps you:

OBJECT               VALUE

The value "X" activates the behavior, that is, the system no longer displays

the attributes and it ignores the settings in transaction RSD1.

Please refer the SAP Note 1144979 completely for details.

As mentioned in this SAP Note , please note that you must make this setting in all systems in which you want to deactivate the attribute display. You cannot transport the entries using BW.

Thanks & Regards,