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Hiding processor ID in PO without disturbing workflow.

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Hi all,

I need some help on the PO release related.

Here at my client a custom PO release process is implemented few months back for PO release from Fiori app. It has involved a z-table

where all the possible combinations are maintained on the basis of release group, release code, release strategy, purchasing group and user ids.

So according to all these combination, workflow triggers. But as there can be multiple users for combination of rel grp, rel code, rel strategy and purch grp. but in PO it only displays single processor (user), that too alphabetical.

e.g. For one combination there are two ids maintained A and B; in PO it will display only A even the PO is released by B. (refer: attachment 2)

So users want either to hide the user name or correct it. I tried it with exit 'EXIT_SAPLEBNF_005'

by not passing the user ID which was able to hide the name in PO but it then stopping the workflow trigger hence not suitable.

Abhijeet U

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Why dont you put a default id like WF-BATCH or SAP_WFRT. What do the PO History show?

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The id's will be multiple as those need to be maintained as workflow should be triggered to those IDs.

Are you asking about PO history or Header Changes?

In header changes it is showing correct id who have approved/rejected the PO.

Only in release strategy tab of PO it is appearing wrong one (alphabetically first maintained in the Z-Table as per the 1st screenshot in the question).