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Hide the symbol expand/collapse. Hierarchies in web templates

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Hello, i´m using the a web template to show the results of one query that uses a hierarchy. We have just selected in the query the option to show all the nodes and display all levels of the hierachy. What we need is to hide the symbol of the node because of, in our case, it´s not necessary. The hierrachy is completely expanded so we want to hide the symbol expand/collapse of the hierarchy.

We are using a web template and the web item "Table" to show the results in the browser.

It´s possible to hide this symbol using some java code ? or maybe some option of the web item ?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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Answers (2)

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Ok, thanks a lot Dion for your suggestion, i´m will put the message on the BI forum.

Maybe some option of the web item can do what we need.


Thanks a lot again,


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No, this isn't possible to do with with JAVA. And even if it was I wouldn't recommend it. However, I believe it is possible to do by modifying the settings for the web item or the report the web item and template is based on. But you're better of posting that question in the BI forum.