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Hide Crystal report parameter while execute report into SAP Business One

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Dear all,

Need to disable / Hide parameter while execute the crystal report into SAP Business One. I have tried also with "Do not show option" under Show on Panel (Viewer) but it is not working.

Need to hide parameter of document numbering ask each time while CR is running into SAP B1. 

SAP Business one with MS SQL


Nikunj Mehta

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Dear Nikunj Mehta, which version of SAP B1 do you currently have? As far as I know, this feature was implemented in one of the latest versions already. But before it was ignored when you set "Do not show option". Kind Regards
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Hi Nikunj,

Have you tried removing the field from the report and then removing the parameter?

Crystal Reports should be able to handle all of the page numbering with the "Special Fields" >> "Page N of M" or "Page Number".  You could also do a formula and output the page number or you could do a variable and do your own calculation.

Unless you have B1UP: Print & Delivery where you can just hardcode the parameter you should remove it and try another solutions.

Good luck,