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Hide a Column based on selection Screen input?

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Dear Friends,

I have a strange requirement from the client.

Based on the Plant input from the selection screen the keyfigure column (Production Quantity) should get hidden dynamically.

Is it possible?.


If Plant is 1100 then Production quantity column should be visible, if plant is 1300 Production quantity should be hidden (bcoz there ll be no production and the values will be zero).

I tried Suppress zeros Active, Active (All values = 0 ) applied to rows, columns, both, but in vain.

Kindly help me.



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Right Click on the Key Figure Structure (not on the individual key figures, the key figure structure on which we right click to create new selection key figures and formula key figures) and select properties. There tick the checkbox Also use zero suppression for Structure Elements. This will hide the Key Figures with zero value.

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Thanks Rakesh,

But I dont have any Keyfigure stucture.

I have the Production Quantity as Keyfigure itself(not as a structure).

Is it possible in this case?



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The Structure will be there, In yiour Rows, you can see something as Key Figures below which you will be having Production Quantity Key Figure. So right click on that Key Figures and not on Production Quantity and select properties.

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you could also implement an If statement as follow:


Production quantity - ZPRODQ

Plant - ZPLANT

create a new formula in our column area as Production Qty:

(ZPLANT == 1300)0+(ZPLANT <> 1300)ZPRODQ

this will fill the key figure with 0 for plant 1300 and with correspondent qty value for other plants.

Then you could simple define in the query properties to supress fields = 0 along the columns

hope it helps,