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I am trying to load the data and the load is getting failed with the following message.

Value "11" (HEX 313100) of characteristic ZSPCODE contains an error at position 3

Message no. BRAIN290


Characters that have a hexadecimal display between HEX00 and HEX1F are not permitted in characteristic values. The character at position 3 is one of these characters. The value is therefore not permitted.

Note that these characters cannot be displayed and are therefore displayed as '#'. The actual character '#' has the hexadecimal display HEX23.


Check the origin of the characteristic value. If possible, change the characteristic value in the source.

Incorrect source text in update routines and transfer routines can also cause this problem.


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Value 11 has an error at the mentioned position, from the technical name of the object -- it describes as postal code. so can you pls check the error value with the existing value and compare it. By that we can easily make out the difference. So please try to change the data in PSA for the corresponding object and after that try to load the data.

Hope this may help you.



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Hi PT,

Thanks for quick response. I canot add the special charecataristics in RSKC and I canot edit the data in PSA as it has more than a million records.Hope we can use FM



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we can use the FM or use the code :


x TYPE x VALUE '00',

c_00 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

soh TYPE x VALUE '01',

c_01 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

stx TYPE x VALUE '02',

c_02 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

etx TYPE x VALUE '03',

c_03 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

eot TYPE x VALUE '04',

c_04 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

enq TYPE x VALUE '05',

c_05 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

ack TYPE x VALUE '06',

c_06 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

bel TYPE x VALUE '07',

c_07 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

bs TYPE x VALUE '08',

c_08 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

ht TYPE x VALUE '09',

c_09 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

lf TYPE x VALUE '0A',

c_0a TYPE c VALUE ' ',

vt TYPE x VALUE '0B',

c_0b TYPE c VALUE ' ',

ff TYPE x VALUE '0C',

c_0c TYPE c VALUE ' ',

cr TYPE x VALUE '0D',

c_0d TYPE c VALUE ' ',

so TYPE x VALUE '0E',

c_0e TYPE c VALUE ' ',

si TYPE x VALUE '0F',

c_0f TYPE c VALUE ' ',

dle TYPE x VALUE '10',

c_10 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

dc1 TYPE x VALUE '11',

c_11 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

dc2 TYPE x VALUE '12',

c_12 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

dc3 TYPE x VALUE '13',

c_13 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

dc4 TYPE x VALUE '14',

c_14 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

nak TYPE x VALUE '15',

c_15 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

syn TYPE x VALUE '16',

c_16 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

etb TYPE x VALUE '17',

c_17 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

can TYPE x VALUE '18',

c_18 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

em TYPE x VALUE '19',

c_19 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

sub TYPE x VALUE '1A',

c_1a TYPE c VALUE ' ',

esc TYPE x VALUE '1B',

c_1b TYPE c VALUE ' ',

fs TYPE x VALUE '1C',

c_1c TYPE c VALUE ' ',

gs TYPE x VALUE '1D',

c_1d TYPE c VALUE ' ',

rs TYPE x VALUE '1E',

c_1e TYPE c VALUE ' ',

us TYPE x VALUE '1F',

c_1f TYPE c VALUE ' ',

diez TYPE x VALUE '23',

c_23 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

exma TYPE x VALUE '21', "'!'

c_21 TYPE c VALUE ' ',

auml TYPE x VALUE 'C4', "'Ä'

c_8e TYPE c VALUE 'A',

unds TYPE x VALUE '5F', "'_'

  • c_2d TYPE c VALUE '-',

c_2d TYPE c VALUE '_',

sque TYPE x VALUE '7F', " 

c_squ TYPE c VALUE ' ' ,

deg TYPE x VALUE 'B0', " °

c_deg TYPE c VALUE ' ' ,

sla TYPE x VALUE '2F', " /

c_sla TYPE c VALUE ' ' ,

o_value1 type X value 'F2', "ò

c_ovalue1 type c Value 'o',

o_value2 type X value 'F3', "ó

c_ovalue2 type c Value 'o',

o_value3 type X value 'F4', "ô

c_ovalue3 type c Value 'o',

o_value5 type X value 'F5', "õ

c_ovalue5 type c Value 'o',

o_value6 type X value 'F6', "ö

c_ovalue6 type c Value 'o',

o_value7 type X value 'F8', "ø

c_ovalue7 type c Value 'o',

o_value8 type X value 'D2', "Ò

c_ovalue8 type c Value 'O',

o_value9 type X value 'D3', "Ó

c_ovalue9 type c Value 'O',

o_value10 type X value 'D4', "Ô

c_ovalue10 type c Value 'O',

o_value11 type X value 'D5', "Õ

c_ovalue11 type c Value 'O',

o_value12 type X value 'D6', "Ö

c_ovalue12 type c Value 'O',

o_value13 type X value 'D8', "Ø

c_ovalue13 type c Value 'O',

u_value1 type X value 'F9', "ù

c_uvalue1 type c Value 'u',

u_value2 type X value 'FA', "ú

c_uvalue2 type c Value 'u',

u_value3 type X value 'FB', "û

c_uvalue3 type c Value 'u',

u_value5 type X value 'FC', "ü

c_uvalue5 type c Value 'u',

u_value6 type X value 'D9', "Ù

c_uvalue6 type c Value 'U',

u_value7 type X value 'DA', "Ú

c_uvalue7 type c Value 'U',

u_value8 type X value 'DB', "Û

c_uvalue8 type c Value 'U',

u_value9 type X value 'DC', "Ü

c_uvalue9 type c Value 'U',

y_value6 type X value 'FF', "ÿ

c_yvalue6 type c Value 'y',

y_value7 type X value 'FD', "ý

c_yvalue7 type c Value 'y',

y_value type X value 'DD', "Ý

c_yvalue type c Value 'Y',

y_value8 type X value '9F', "u0178

c_yvalue8 type c Value 'Y',

n_value6 type X value 'F1', "ñ

c_nvalue6 type c Value 'n',

n_value type X value 'D1', "Ñ

c_nvalue type c Value 'N',

E_value1 type X value 'E8', "è

c_Evalue1 type c Value 'e',

E_value2 type X value 'E9', "é

c_Evalue2 type c Value 'e',

E_value3 type X value 'EA', "ê

c_Evalue3 type c Value 'e',

E_value5 type X value 'EB', "ë

c_Evalue5 type c Value 'e',

E_value6 type X value 'C8', "È

c_Evalue6 type c Value 'E',

E_value7 type X value 'C9', "É

c_Evalue7 type c Value 'E',

E_value8 type X value 'CA', "Ê

c_Evalue8 type c Value 'E',

E_valuE9 type X value 'CB', "Ë

c_Evalue9 type c Value 'E',

i_value1 type X value 'EC', "ì

c_ivalue1 type c Value 'i',

i_value2 type X value 'ED', "í

c_ivalue2 type c Value 'i',

i_value3 type X value 'EE', "î

c_ivalue3 type c Value 'i',

i_value5 type X value 'EF', "ï

c_ivalue5 type c Value 'i',

i_value6 type X value 'CC', "Ì

c_ivalue6 type c Value 'I',

i_value7 type X value 'CD', "Í

c_ivalue7 type c Value 'I',

i_value8 type X value 'CE', "Î

c_ivalue8 type c Value 'I',

i_value9 type X value 'CF', "Ï

c_ivalue9 type c Value 'I',

a_value1 type X value 'E0', "à

c_avalue1 type c Value 'a',

a_value2 type X value 'E1', "á

c_avalue2 type c Value 'a',

a_value3 type X value 'E2', "â

c_avalue3 type c Value 'a',

a_value4 type X value 'E3', "â

c_avalue4 type c Value 'a',

a_value5 type X value 'E4', "ã

c_avalue5 type c Value 'a',

a_value6 type X value 'E5', "å

c_avalue6 type c Value 'a',

a_value7 type X value 'C0', "À

c_avalue7 type c Value 'A',

a_value8 type X value 'C1', "Á

c_avalue8 type c Value 'A',

a_value9 type X value 'C2', "Â

c_avalue9 type c Value 'A',

a_value10 type X value 'C3', "Ã

c_avalue10 type c Value 'A',

a_value11 type X value 'C4', "Ä

c_avalue11 type c Value 'A',

a_value12 type X value 'C5', "Å

c_avalue12 type c Value 'A',

c_value type X value 'E7', "ç

c_cvalue type c Value 'c',

c_value1 type X value 'C7', "ç

c_cvalue1 type c Value 'C',

z_value type X value '9E', "ž

c_zvalue type c Value 'z',

z_value1 type X value '8E', "Ž

c_zvalue1 type c Value 'Z',

s_value type X value '9A', "u0161

c_svalue type c Value 's',

s_value1 type X value '8E', "u0160

c_svalue1 type c Value 'S',

f_value1 type X value '83', "u0192

c_fvalue1 type c Value 'f',

END OF trans.

DATA: l_inc TYPE i,

l_len type sytabix.



output = input.

l_len = strlen( output ).

TRANSLATE output USING trans.


DO l_len TIMES.

l_inc = sy-index - 1.

IF NOT output+l_inc(1) CO text-001.

output+l_inc(1) = ' '.




Hope this may help you.