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Multi Provider is the best Info Provider for creating reports.

We can create multi provider using two Dso.

My doubt is, why we are loading the dso data into cube,and then we are creating multi provider using cubes?

What is the reason?Help me....



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the reason is that it will take longer for the project to finish if we create more objects. Hence we can bill a larger amount to the customer.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Santhana Lakshmi,

Wiki page of Multiprovider on SCN.

OT-MultiProvider - SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse - SCN Wiki

Multiprovider works as Union. The MultiProvider does not itself contain any data, it comes entirely from the InfoProviders on which it is based on: InfoCube, DSO object, InfoObject, InfoSet...

Many time you can see multiprovider is created on Single Cube. There are few general reason -

1) For best practice, when ever a Cube created, We create Multiprovider above the Cube and make Queries based on Multiprovider. In future, we need to enhance the Queries (addition of multiple info providers) then we can easily add the infoprovider in multiprovider and changes and add the field in queries. If we are creating the Queries on Cube, in that case we need to more activities to enhance the Queries (Field addition in Queries).

2)  In few organization, User can create his own bex query of particular Multiproviders. like a Cube contains 20 field, but for security reason, a user is authorized to see 10 field of data. So in that case we dont create a separate cube for him. we create a multiprovider for 10 fields only.

3) In any case, cube becomes de-active. In that case Multiprovider remains in active version. User can execute his query. Instead of dump error, he will get wrong data.


Pratyaksh Jeet