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Hi SDNer. anyone has SAP CPS checklist for operating?

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I can not find SAP CPS checklist document.

That document consist of daily, weekly, monthly, ...

If you have that, share with me.

Regards, John

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi John,

You will not find a CPS checklist document. There isn't one. There is not much you actually need to check if your system is setup correctly. Ensuring you have retention periods specified for all Scripts/Job Chains/Scheduler trace files will keep on top of the job/scheduler history (you could create scripts to check free space in file systems too if needed). There are CPS maintenance scripts like RW_PURGE_CONSOLE, RW_OPTIMIZER which can be scheduled to clear down operator messages and ensure db indexes are optimized. You can create scripts for testing Process Servers are running. I assume you will have some alerting mechanism in place for jobs that do not complete? Depending on how your db is configured, your DBAs may have checks they will perform or suggest you perform. These can probably be scripted too.

However since you happen to have the best (my opinion) tool for scheduling processes then it's typically pretty straight forward, having decided what you want to check, to create any necessary Scripts and get them scheduled and hooked into your alerting mechanism so you can adopt a management by exception approach.



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