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Hi Guys.In webdynpro I want to pass the data from view1 to view2. How can we do this?

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I have two views. View1 and View2.

In View1 I have one variable lv_count.

Lv_count = 20.

So in view2 I have another Variable LV_USAGE.

So I want to pass the value from LV_COUNT to LV_usage.

How we can we do this. Please help me in this.

I tried below method.

I declared global attribute in component controller named LV_NOT_USED_CUS.

So in View1 I wrote the below code

wd_comp_controller->LV_NOT_USED_CUS = LV_COUNT.


But in View2 i wrote below code

LV_USAGE = .wd_comp_controller->LV_NOT_USED_CUS

data is fetching from view1 but Problem is that my View1 is in first node and view2 is in second node of Tree. So to get the data populated in view 2 , i have to run the first node then only data is populating in second view. If i directly opened the second node data is not fetched. So i want to get the data directly in View2 of second node without opening first node.

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