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Hi experts, I have a doubt how the IR objecs are reflected in R/3 system

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1) I have a doubt on Proxy configuration, how the IR created objecs are reflected in R/3 system ?(is there any connection made b/n IR and R/3 for this replica created in R/3 )

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HI Maruti,

configurations are required on the application side to enable the proxy connection: -

1.TCPIP connections:

  • LCRSAPRFC : This connection is used In order to get the interface details in SPROXY transaction in R/3 side.* and IR objects are made availble in SPROXY because of this connectiononly apart from this we have to create two more connections and test them also.

SAPSLDAPI: To connect to SLD and get the respective business system name maintained in SLD, application system uses this T type of connection,

2.Http Connection:

PI_INTEGRATIONSERVER: This connection is used to send the message to the Integration server.

The following document has the compelte configruation steps to enable Proxy connections and their puropse.



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Yes Connection need to be established between R/3 and PI

In PI you need to register the R/3 system as role of application system.

and in R/3 also need to define the role of application system and need to provide the URL of the PI system...

there is a blog which lists the settings to be done..



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