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HI All I am very new can we supress leading zeros

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Hi Team,

I am New SLT how can we Suppress leading zeros in SLT  replication? we have sources system S/4 Hana in-built SLT. Target SAP HANA on cloud, we see in these fields when data is being written to ACDOCA table in SAP HANA on cloud. We have master table field length 15 actual value 12345 but when SLT replication form source to target we sseeing additional zero add before the actual value of 000012345 is any way to fix this issue.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Did you customize your SLT configuration or used a Data Transfer Transformation (DTT) method?
I'm not sure, if there are a direct solution to this issue.

Leading zeros are as I know added to ensure that the data aligns with the data type and length defined in the target system. If the target field in SAP HANA is defined as NUMERIC or DECIMAL, it might add leading zeros. To avoid this, you may could try to consider changing the data type in HANA to VARCHAR.