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Heterogenous Copy

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Hi ,

I'll be doing a hetero migration from Suse to Windows environment (Same DB - Oracle 8).Can I do a offline copy instead of R3Load?


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Do you mean, perform an offline backup of the source and restore it on the target?

If so, no you cannot do it

-> It is not supported by SAP

-> The OS systems are different, it will not work.

In Oracle 10g you could use transportable tablespaces, but you are in oracle 8.

So, the only supported and valid way is to follow the instructions of the heterogeneus system copy at

BTW, this has already been posted several times

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Hello Fidel,

> In Oracle 10g you could use transportable tablespaces, but you are in oracle 8.

You also have the transportable tablesapces in Oracle 8i, but you have the limitation that the platform must be the same.

The "main feature" of Oracle 10g is that you can transport tablespace across platforms (different endian). Query the view v$transportable_platform for more information.

You can also take a look at the following metalinknotes to crosscheck this:

  • 291024.1 - Compatibility and New Features when Transporting Tablespaces with Export and Import

  • 243304.1 - 10g : Transportable Tablespaces Across Different Platforms



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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the correction.

I was thinking on the new "heterogeneus system copy" features that allows the use of transportable tablespaces, but I fell way short on my explanation.

The point 3 in the note:

1003028 Enhanced support for system copy in BR*Tools