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Heterogeneous MultiProvider

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Hi Experts

I have a task to create a MultiProvider for Inventory Reconciliation which is based on the purchasing data ODS, invoice verification ODS and Material Stock/Movement InfoProvider. The common InfoObjects are Material Number and Calendar Days. The KeyFigures should from each of the sub-InfoProvider.

As I know SAP MultiProvider is with the Union Operation, I made a join (InfoSet) for Invoice ODS and PO ODS first and setup the MultiProvider based on this InfoSet and Material Stock InfoProvider.

Now the query is executed sequentially only Characteristics and KeyFigures from Stock InfoProvider appeared. Even the constant selection has been set to the KeyFigures from IV-PO InfoSet.

Can any experts give me some advices how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

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Answers (3)

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Thanks Anil and Sridhar.

All these have been done before but didn't solve the problem.

This morning a colleague helped me to look at the LISTCUBE. We found some data.

Now the query is OK. The only problem is for a material and date, the stock value and quantity can't be displayed in the same raw as invoicing data.

Thanks a lot. I have assigned reward points to both of you.

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hi jessica,

try this out goto trans RSRT-->execute query with

EXECUTE+DEBUG and choose MULTIPROVIDER EXPLAIN option and will leads to the messages pertaing to the query and query result set,the concerned OSS NOTES .

follow the above link which anil has mentioned

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From one of SAP document:

<i>If a MultiProvider contains at least one basis InfoProvider with non-cumulative key figures, all queries are processed sequentially.If a intermediate result exceeds 30,000 lines, the parallel processing is aborted and the query is restarted in the serial mode. See SAPnote 630500 (Maximum size of the interim result with MultiProvide) to learn how to change this setting to a specific kb size; this is only necessary in very seldom cases.Note that every additional basis InfoProvider generates additional I/O on the database. In BW 3.x, the degree of parallelism is restricted to the number of free dialog processes minus 2.</i>

And also refer the site : FUNCTIONS part

With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P