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Help with Manual Planning

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Hello all,

I was working on manual planning...

the layout was created and it opens into an excel sheet; with some of the cells in a white back ground while some of them are kind of grey in color

I noticed that only the data in the white background seems to get written in the info cube

the data that is entered in the grey cells is not getting written in the info cube

Basically, the excel sheet is giving only 20 rows at a time to write the data

I might be missing out on something

Would appreciate help on this

thanks for your time


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Hi Ramesh

In the post u hv asked two Q:

Q1 : Only white cells being written in the cube?

Yes, only data entered in the white cells get written in the cube. In case u make any changes to the grey column and try saving it, the original value will come back and no data will be changed in the cube

Q2 : Default lines only 20 ?

The default line as set by SAP is 20. The same can be increased to 999. U may execute the prog UPP_SET_DEFAULT_DUMMIES and enter 999 instead of 20. This will give u 999 white lines in ur planning layout.

Hope this helps

Chirag S