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Help with Importing requests into IDES system

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Hi guys,

Can you please shade some light on this topic, I have a transport request create from my system. I have now imported the transport request into IDES system. However I am not able to change the imported programs as the naming convention does not exist in IDES. What can I do to edit prtograms in IDES? I am not sure if this is the right forum or not.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



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Thank you all for your answers very much appreciated indeed.

The problem now is that the IDES system is run by a company who are refusing to apply for the namespace at SAP. i pay to get access to the IDES server but they are refusing.

What other alternatives are out there?

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Hello Andy,

  As of I am aware, since name space is already reserved for target system it is not possible. All the registered object under SAP market place related to a namespace will only allows with appropriate keys. If they are allowed for editing for modification licensing does not make any sense. I believe it is not possible to crack.