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Help required to understand JDBC Scenario

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Dear All,

We have a JDBC Scenario where we are Update/insert the data to the table, it takes approximately 10mins to update/insert the data to the staging table.

As per my understanding PI will lock the table while update/Insert the data in to the table.

what will happen suppose if connection is dropped while inserting/updating the data?

* will the table remain locked or else the lock will be removed when connection is dropped?

* no data will be inserted/Updated?

your detailed explanation will be very helpful to understand better

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Manikandan,

10 minutes for an insert/update statement seems a lot to me.

Have you checked already options to split the records and build smaller packages?

However I would expect that the DBMS only locks the records that are affected by the current transaction.

If an irregular event occurs, and you loose connection between PI an the DB, you should get a timeout for the user session and a rollback for the current transaction should be done by the DBMS.

Furthermore there are some parameters to control the persistence, error and lock handling in the receiver channel configuration.

Please check out the help page for the JDBC reciever channel configuration:



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