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HELP Please! Using NDS to develop non-SAP Java Applications

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Is anyone out there using NDS/WAS to develop J2EE applications that are not tied to SAP?? We are in the process of piloting NDS/WAS to replace our current IBM Java environment, and are looking for other SAP clients that either have done this or are in the process of doing it.

We're getting very little support from SAP on this effort as it appears to be more "bleeding edge". We need to find Best Practices for doing this. Some questions we have are: 1) should we use the Java Data Dictionary, 2) should we use JDI, 3) when should Web Dynpro be used (external and internal apps), etc.

If any one can assist or can point us in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Thank you so much for your input Erin. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear of your success.

Something I'd like more details on is your choice to use Web Dynpro, in particular for internet/extranet applications. I've heard from several individuals how limiting Web Dynpro is in creating a UI. Our concern is that for external clients, they will not get the look and feel they are used to on the Internet. How have you overcome that restriction with your clients?

I would also love to start a user group for those of us who are delving into this area of SAP since I don't think there are many. Your thoughts on that?

Also, we are struggling finding consultants (from SAP and outside of SAP) who have the experience that you do. Any suggestions on where we can find some help? Please feel to email me if you're able @

Thank you SO much!!

Peggy Klinger

FirstEnergy Corp.


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Hi Peggy,

I am working at a large SAP client that is using WebDynpro and JDI to develop applications that do not utilize SAP. The client is using the Java Data Dictionary extensively for EJB persistence as well as WD support. They are using the JDI because they have about 20 developers doing web app developement. They are using Web Dynpro for all new web development projects even if the project does not interface with an SAP backend. The applications are for Intranet, Extranet and Internet apps.

I have another client that does not even run SAP but is using Enterprise Portal with Web Dynpro to create a very large/complex Extranet application which get's its data from a mainframe. They choose SAP over Websphere, because of the Web Dynpro Framework and the NWDS, JDI tools.

IMHO If you have SAP and you are or will be creating web applications, you will want to use Web Dynpro. I've done Java web application development with and without SAP for 8 years and Web Dynpro has been by far the easiest and most enjoyable programming model.