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HELP please - NWDS issue: Customized application based on 'vanilla' SAP DCs

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I am about to deliver a SAP Web-Channel solution and therefore I have to make some developments on the 'vanilla' application as nothing is perfect as it comes out of the box. We have setup all tracks to download & build the SAP standard application (Java, WAR und EAR part), but I do not want to modify the DCs directly instead I like to create my own DC to add my developments on top.

What I did within the NWDS

1. I have downloaded the WAR, EAR, and java SC from the NWDI

2. I have created my own DC such as "CUST/ISA/WAR"

3. I have assinged the original war "crm/isa/web/b2b" as Used DC

I performed the build, but when I take a look in the generated WAR file, the source code / JSP files are merged with my own - instead I can find the used DC as JAR file within the lib folder.

I also followed the instructs as described in the published PDF: How_To_Create_Custom_App_ECO5200.pdf

I almost tried everything, but I can't see any obvious difference to the setup as SAP did. The original WAR project from SAP also depends on other DCs, which includes their JSP files, but I can't find the difference to the steps I did ..... PANIK!

Does anyone know what could have went wrong?



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Problem solved. I just figured out that I need a postbuild.vm within the "cfg" folder. To figure that out, it almost drove me crazy. There is no documentation available and it is getting more trick if you have to retrieve code from a WAR project and not a Java Project as the component is not listed within the dependencies, which are required for the compilation.