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We have a new point of sale in which uses Crystal Reports Version 8 and Sybase database. some of the reports show data incorrectly on some machines and not others. For example the value in the database is a double and shows 46 (which is dollars) and on the some machines shows correctly while on others it appears as .46 (cents). I spent time with the developer today with him going over the report but he was not able to correct the issue and has no clue as to why we are getting these results. His statement is that he has 1400 other clients and we are the only one with this issue.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated as this is holding us up from going to this new Point of Sale....

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Crystal Reports 8 has been out of support for more than 10 years now. Time to upgrade.

No patches available any more.

This kind of rings a bell and was tracked and fixed...


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