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Help needed to find out the Job names while extracting the data from the SAP ECC

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Hi SAP Guru's ,

My client asked me to build Data flow diagrams and he wants to have the job names in the source systems (which brings the data from the application tables to delta queue /application tables to till PSA in BW ) .I need your help in finding the job names in SAP ECC for for this .

I have tried going to manage tab of PSA request and checked job overview in source system ...but for every PSA request has a different JOB name created in the source system . So i am bit confused ...So i need advice in two things .

1.There are few extractors delta enabled and pass the data into BW via delta queue . I need to know the JOb which brings the data from Application tables to Delta queue and Delta queue to PSA in BW.

2.The other extractors are not delta enabled directly gets the data from the Source system SAP ECC. How to find the job names which brings the data from SAP ECC to BW.

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you can get the job by getting the request name in BW then in the source(ECC) go to sm37 and put * on front of the jobname. make the user* also if you don't know the background user running in ECC

Ex. if request is REQU_5LCZGIJXHTBR5342CM0TFBYFU in BW, in ECC sm37 put *REQU_5LCZGIJXHTBR5342CM0TFBYFU in the jobname.