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help needed on balance sheet plan report for the current year

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Hi BW gurus,

I have a problem with reporting.

I need to get Balance-Sheet Plan Reports for the Planned year and for the current year.

To get the report for the planned year its straight forward just by restricting 0balance by the version to 1 and the valuetype 20.

But I have a problem with the current year report.

I have fiscal year and the company code as the variables.

The report should be like this.

If we need the report as of today(July 26 2006),we may input 2006 for the fiscal year variable.

And the 0balance for the twelve fiscal periods should be as follows

From jan 2006 to june 2006(fiscal periods) it should have only the actuals

From july 2006 to dec 2006(fiscal periods) it should have only the plan

I have already built a query by having two restricted keyfigures on 0balance.

One by restricting version and valuetype 0 and 10 , and the other with 1 and 20.

But in the report I am getting two columns of data for each fiscal period for 12 periods.0balance with actuals and 0balance with plan.

But I need to get 0balance with actuals from jan to june(individually for each fiscal period columnwise),and 0balance with plan from july to dec(individually for each fiscal period columnwise).

Hope you people can visualize my report.

Please help me ASAP.

Any kind of help is appreciated.

My mail id is

Thanks in advance


Sam Mathew

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Hi Sam,

Did u get this issue solved. I am having the same issue now. Can u please let me know if u have a solution for this.