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Help Java Adapter for XML source - Business Objects Data Services Designer

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Hi there,

We have a proprietary storage system here that we wish to integrate into our ETL using Business Objects Data Services Designer.

Inside the storage system are a lot of XML documents, each document is retrieved by a unique id that we keep in a seperate Oracle database.

I am attempting to write an Adapter for Business Objects Data Services Designer using the Java SDK to implement a com.acta.adapter.sdk.FunctionCall.

My function call needs to take a single parameter, i.e. the id of the document to retrieve, it can then connect to the storage system and retrieve the document.

I am struggling to understand how to pass this XML document out to Business Objects as the result of my function call.

These XML documents are highly complex and reference highly complex Schemas to describe them.

Looking at the AWFunctionCallMetadata object which I need to return from my MetadataImport.importMetadata(...) implementation, it seems that only XML backed by DTD is supported???

I cant believe that this is the case, surely XML Schema must also be supported?

Is it possible to use XML Schema or achieve this in a different manner?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have asked the same question a few years back and I believe to remember I was told that the Adapter Framework itself supports DTDs only. DI itself can obviously deal with both, DTD and XML Schemas, it would be an Adapter limitation.

I wonder if we could take a shortcut though. You are saying the XML is stored in an Oracle database as ... text? ...or XMLTYPE?...or....?

What if we would read that as a CBLOB (DI long datatype) and convert that to a nested structure using the varchar_to_xml() functions?

Or maybe a database view with XPATH statements does the decoding/unnesting of the XML already?

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Thanks for the reply, its a shame that it doesnt support Schema, I guess it will get updated one day...

I have subsequently found a tool (WmHelp XMLPad) that seems to take XML Schema and convert them to DTD, at a first look it seems to work pretty well.

We are not actually keeping the XML in the Oracle database, the XML is in an EMC Centera Storage archive. Each time we store a document in Centera it gives us an ID for the document, it is these IDs that are stored in Oracle.

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