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Help In Filtering the data

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Dear Gurus,

I have one requirement which I am unable to visualize how it can be fulfilled.

Suppose I have fields like this:

Header Order-- FG Order -- I/P Quan


1000044----- 5


1000044----- 3


1000044----- 1


1000044----- 4


1000046----- 3


1000047----- 2

Now if I put any of these order in variable screen and give input as 1000044 then it should pick the values which are common in both the orders. How can I achieve this at reporting level.

It might be easy or a little work around but nothing is striking to me as of now.

So please help me with your valuable inputs.

And one more thing at report level i will be displaying either of the one order.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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i am not sure that i can understand your question.

you can in the KF use 2 variables to restrict. One is input variable for Headorder, the other is Customer Exit for FG Order -which can get the same value from Headorder.

Hope that it could help you

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I did it with the help of indicator as there was some slight change in requirement by te user.

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Hi dear,

just create variable for "Header Order" this variable is mandatory.

Create another variable for "FG Order " .

while creation of second :- set the follwing properties:-

1) in General, Processing By :- Replacement Path

2) in Replace. Path , Replace variable with :- Variable

3) Variable :- Variable name of "Header Order" .

after that, Restrict the Qty by these two variables.

this will return the values in which both orders are common.