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Help in creating the extension for downloadin a table

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hi friends

I gone through the weblog on Creating the extension for downloading a table .


I created the extension,element and its class and its methods but the problem while creating the class <b>ZCL_ES_SERIALIZABLE_ERROR</b> in its constructor some attributes are used like 'error','short_text' and 'long_text'. i am not getting that where these were defined .

Can anybody give me some clarification of how to create this class .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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These are declared as Public Instance attributes of the class. There is nothing really specially about this class or these attributes except the class should have the interface IF_SERIALIZABLE_OBJECT so that it can be serialized to XML. The attributes are: Short_text type string, long_Text type string, program type syrepid, include type syrepid, source_line type i, and kernel_errid type s380errid.

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