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Heartbeat job failed

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Hi Gurus,

I was importing an job into Redwood. During the import, I suspected, that I have given wrong parameter so I killed this import job. After this, something happened and all the jobs for that Production server started failing and we started getting alerts.

The log for the failed jobs read as

Socket receive error

OS-10054: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

unable to connect to localhost port 21848; error -1

read  instead of OK  from server

Socket creation error: host=null port=152920

The Heartbeat job had also got cancelled.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that Redwood dropped its connection with the SAP system's DB. Holding the Redwood queue and re-starting the listener service brought everything to normal

My doubt over here is that can Redwood connection to SAP DB take a drop if an import job is killed?

My understanding is that killing an running job is killing and running SQL statement which is fetching data from the same (Redwood's) Oracle DB or other (SAP system's) Oracle DB. And killing such an SQL MAY result in data corruption or data inconsistency; but definitely not a connection drop! Though we are not considering the rollback and commit concept over here

Can anyone please share their experiences on this


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gurus,

Can anyone advice in this please


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Hi R..../.,

I assume you are running CPS 7.0.4, from what I read. When you import SAP jobs, all you are doing is reading from SAP.

I am not aware of any other cases where killing an SAP jobs causes this so I think the two symptoms are not related.

Could you please inspect the log files from the RFC agent, is there anything in there around the time that could explain this ?



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This is an bug in version 7 if many jobs are running

Upgraded to version 9



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