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Header and first column fixed in the table

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Our requirement is that we want to fix header and first column of the table.

It means that when we will move right or down through scroll bar then header and first column should be fixed.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To fix header, the approach followed can be as following:

a) Create dedicated table for header with no rows visible

b) Set the property to FIXED (I do not rememeber proprty)

c) Create another table with header visiblity to NONE and all data rows visible

For First Column fix: the following approach could be tried:

a) New Transparent container: Matrix layout

b) 2 tables A and B adjacent to each other : B in scroll container[only horizontal scroll enabled] and both associated with same node.

c) A will have only one column and B will have remaining columns



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