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HCMPF - controlling the visibility of various sections of Form

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Hi All,

In my HCM PF, i have 2 sections - 1) Employee 2) Manager

Under Manager Section, there is a Mandatory text field 'Comment' , which should be 'Hidden' under Employee Section.

In order to make this field mandatory, i have defined it as 'Required Entry' under the Process Fields

If the field is mandatory, it will result in an error while filling Employee section.

I dont want the red border appearing around my comment field in my form, so i am not setting property as User Entered-Required in UI property.

Can anyone please guide me how to proceed with this funcitonality. I want to keep the field hidden in Emp section, yet it should be mandatory under Manager section.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Seriously? Those are some really basic HCM P&F concepts.

I will try to help.

First off....why do you have a separate field for "manager comments"? WHy not use the standard comments fields (current/previous) and let the framework handle them?

Now for showing/hiding sections of form.....several ways to do this. If it were me...

1. I would have the employee and manager steps in different form scenario steps/stages (personally I would probably have them in different form scenarios all toghether but sharing same form simply for scalability).

2. Define the standard field for form_scenario_stage in your form scenario fields (look it up in documentation for how to define this....I'm not spoonfeeding you)

3. Add the form field from #2 onto your form somewhere and make it hidden/invisible.

4. Use Javascript/Formcalc to reference the "raw value" of that field. Then you can use script in the form to show/hide the section depending on the value in that field (which will be the name of the form scenario step/stage.

Now.... for making fields mandatory, hidden/visible/invisible, open to edit/read only......that is all done in scripting and is VERY basic. There are TONS of examples on how to do this all over the web with simple Google searches.

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Hey Chris,

I realised i could control this by scenario steps soon after i posted this 😛 The funcationality is working just fine now

Your response confirmed my approach.

( btw..Comments field was just a sample field i mentioned )

Thanks again !



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