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HCM Form Scenario Integrate with FPM in WD ABAP

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Can anybody help me out with how the HCM form scenario is integrated with the FPm for WD ABAP?

I am facing a problem how data is coming in the web dynpro. I debugged and found that it is coming from standard method. But not sure how and exactly where the data is being fetched and exactly where the form scenario is attached for the specific FPM. 

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Hi Soumya,

In  HRASR_DT T-code Form Scenario is assigned to a Process to start the step and in Form Scenario we define Fields which can be infotype fields or custom fields also Back-End Services is also defined and creation of FPM application config in which Form design is done, So when ever the

Process is called in turn Form Scenario is called which is assigned to that process and the infotypes that are defined in the scenario so those infotype data is called from those infotype tables which ever

Back-End Services  you define in Scenario those infotype data is retrieved.

HRASR_DT  T-code   when you expand the Form Scenario you can some child nodes Fileds, Form etc

in Form FPM Config should be created and in FPM Config just Form design is done whatever fields you define in HRASR_DT those are visible in Config and Feeder class is also defined by default.

In Form Child node only for Composite uibb type you can define a freestyle uibb i.e., WD Component.



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Hi Soumya rudra,

Take a look into class CL_HRASR00_FPM_FEEDER, get_data method.

Hope this helps.