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HCI DS - Same Datastore ETL and Lookup not provided

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Hi Folks,

I created a file store to HCP DB tasks using HCI DS and vice versa it worked fine. Then tried File to File tasks which also worked fine. These were simple scenarios

I wanted some ETL functionality to test and was not able to achieve using HCI DS.

1. When Moving data from flat file to HCP DB. I was not able to perform lookups on any column in the flat file with a table in HCP DB. The data store for HCP did not even show up ! Only the flat files data store showed up. !!! How to solve this?

2. As a work around I thought of this solution - Store data in a temp table in HCP and then perform lookup and insert data into actual table. - This too dint work out ! - I was not able to select the HCP DB as both source and target. If I select in source the all data stores realted to HCP disappear in the target ! Same applies vice versa.

1. HCP DB connection data store and imported tables

2. choosing flat file as source:

3. Choosing HCP DB s target:

Till this it is fine.

4.Choosing HCP DB as the source

5. HCP DB once again cant be selected as target - Not shown from the data stores. So Same DB ETL not possible? Say moving from staging to prod / usage.

6. And lookup is not showing the HCP DB tables -

Does HCI DS not have these functionality or Am I missing something?

Please Help.

Thanks and Regards -- Vyas

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Answers (1)

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Hi Got resolved by SAP ticket :