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Has anyone used the Query_View_Data BI Web Service and Xcelsius 2008?

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I downloaded the trial version of Xcelsius and am trying to call the Query_View_Data Web Service in a Netweaver 2004S BI 7 system. I can generate the WSDL and input this into the Xcelsius...however I'm not sure what to do next to actually call this service?

Anyone else try this?


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Xcelsius is expecting a row / column rowset - which the query_view_data webservice is not providing.

there are plans to deliver a web service on top of BI directly


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Hi Ingo

I am being asked whether Xcelsius 2008 can access Netweaver 2004S BI 7 data via a web service directly.

Some time has passed this original posting about query_view_data webservice. Is it still not possible?

I don't want to have to use BOE as you have in your many helpful blogs about Xcelsius. I want to know if there are direct options to access BI7 from Xcelsius now?

Or is Raja's custom RFC the only way now?



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Hi All,

I am using SAP BI to generate web service. I am getting output in axis data,axis info & cell data format.

Just wanted to know still we have to follow BSP application to generate web service in row/colummn format.