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Has anyone installed sap gui 7.40 with Microsoft office 64 bit?

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We are going to migrate to sap gui 7.40. Currently we have all our clients with SAPGUI 7.30 and 32-bit microsoft office. But now we do not know if already with 7.40 we could have 64-bit office. According to note 1442028 it is supported except If you use other components that interact with Microsoft Office (for example, Business Explorer or Interactive Excel), only the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office can be used..

Has anyone installed sap gui 7.40 with Microsoft office 64 bit? and Have you had any problems?

We greatly appreciate any help us on this issue.


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Answers (4)

Hi Team,

As this post comes first, when you google about SAP GUI and Office 64-bit support, let me update it with last information as per 2020:

1) Frontend components like BEx does not support Office 64-bit as there is no SAP GUI 64-bit version. SAP is not going to release 64-bit versions in foreseeable future (1442028).

2) SAP released a tool called Analysis for Office, which is an alternative of BEx Analyzer, and it is supported by MS Office 64-bit (2456450).

3) Analysis for Office requires extra payment, if your company has not already bought a product, that covers these costs (2557323).


Hello Edurne,

We actually recommend using the 32bit version of Office, as there are no compatibility issues with it, but 64-bit gives so many minor issues and so little benefit at this time.

It would be better only to deploy 64bit office when a 64bit SAPgui is released. That way we can totally guarantee ease of use.

Hope this helps.


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Hi, Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It is very likely that we migrate to SAP GUI 7.40 with 32-bit office.



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Hi Edurne,

Before installing Office 64-bit, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of using Office 64-bit with SAP GUI 740 as well as the terms of the license agreement you have with Microsoft regarding Office 64-bit, there may be an additional cost associated with which may prohibit the enterprise-wide deployment of Office 64-bit.

At our organization, we did the evaluation and standardized on a set of software combinations therefore we have 2 deployment options for Microsoft Office:

1. Standard Deployment (32-bit)

For 99% of our users, our Corporate Standard for Software is as follows:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Office 365 (Office 2016) 32-bit
  • SAP GUI 740 32-bit
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office 2.2 32-bit


  • This software combination allows us for easier support with SAP and Microsoft as well as our internal IT support.
  • Also streamlines the support in that we do not have to worry about the many different Microsoft operating systems and Office versions
  • SAP Business Explorer is not deployed, as we have discontinued the use thereof in favor of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office (via the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform).

2. Exception Deployment (64-bit)

For 1% of our users (Business Analysts and Management Accounts), a deviation from our Corporate Standard for Software is as follows:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Office 365 (Office 2016) 64-bit
  • SAP GUI 740 32-bit
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office 2.2 64-bit


  • So far our users have not reported any issues when downloading data from SAP ERP to Excel (64-bit).
  • We do now and then have issues with Microsoft Office 64-bit, but in most causes it is caused by external factors and not the SAP software itself.
  • Minimizes the cost of Office 64-bit due to a low number of users it is deployed to


To streamline the installation process, we use the SAP GUI Installation Server to prepackage the SAP GUI and SAP BusinessObjects for Analysis and additional components to reduce the size of the installation package to a minimum.

The image shows the 2 packages we have created, 1 for 32-bit and 1 for 64-bit for our users

To deploy the software package(s), we run a script on the user's pc's/laptop to verify which OS and Office version is installed which includes checking the 'bitness' indicator of Office and checking that certain prerequisites are met - then the script selects the appropriate package to deploy and apply the necessary configuration settings.


We are currently testing SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office 2.4 (32-bit and 64-bit) that was released earlier this week to determine if it is ready to deploy to our users for productive usage.

As to a SAP GUI 64-bit version, I doubt whether we will get a version as last I know in the communication from SAP a while ago (a long time ago) that to create a 64-bit version of the SAP GUI is extremely complex, and also looking at SAP's UX strategy it does seem unlikely it will happen.