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Hard disk space

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I have two instances(A&B) in a single machine .Transaction log of both instances reside on drive M.

the first instance(A) transaction log data is full now even though there has been enough space on drive M ;I guess the free space mush have assigned for second instance (B) only at the time of installation

1)How can I make the transaction log of instance A to use available free space from SQL management studio becuase its not considering the free space on drive M

2)Can I add another HD solely for the purpose of transaction log A...If it so how to assign the new hard disk for instance A trans log purpose from SQL management studio.


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A.1 Just set in SQL Server Manager autogrow option for transaction log file

A2. Yes , you can do it.

Simplest way (online) - create additional log file:

1) create additional transaction log file for instance A on new drive.

2) empty shink old transaction log file (QUERY analyzer command DBCC BACKUP LOG WITH NO_LOG) and set fixet size (disable autogrow)

Other method (offline): detach database, move log file to new drive and attach database with new log file location



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