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Handling multiple EDI transaction

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We are getting multiple EDI transactions (940, 850 etc) from our customer. I have defined one Sender Agreement with service interface as functional acknowledgment and one each for EDI transactions (with service interface 940 and service interface 850 etc) in the same configuration scenario.

There wil be only one communication channel to receive all the EDI files. My problem is whenever I send the EDI 850 transaction it is taking the service interface of 940. Because of that it is executing the 940 interface map instead of 850!!!

Am I doing any wrong in my configuration? When I test the data in test tab of configuration scenario, it is taking the correct service interface, but it is not happening in the run time... I cleared the cache also.. still no luck...

Can someone please help me in this? Please guide me if I am doing any wrong.



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Answers (2)

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I assume that you are using Seeburger for EDI data handlings..if yes

sender interface details for the payload (850,940) will be determined from the seeburger workbench configurations ..

after bic mapping execution it will result in two doucments one with FunctionalAck and other with attachement(payload..can be 850 or 940) based on this attachment name will compare with the entries of seeburger workbench and fetches the sender details and based on this receiver will be identified...

Hope this gives you need info..



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That is true. We are using Seeburger work bench to get the mapping names. we will get differnt files for the different EDI transaction.

It should have selected the correct service interface name and then correct sender/receiver information. But it is not happening for me. It is always selecting one service interface... Let me create new and try... Hope it will work....

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Hi Vas,

Can u please check ur sender Communication channel there inthe module check that u configure splitter or not. If not use splitter in the module configuration.