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HANA XSA: No sample FIORI Application working

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We are recently migrating to HANA XSA, I have created a simple Master detail application, Build it and Run it as a FIORI application, The launchpad opens and when i click on my tile its giving me error "App could not be opened because the sap ui5 component of the application could not be loaded", Than i see lots of sample applications below and when i click any of them its giving same error, I am not able to understand what is the problem do we have to install anything more.

Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

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Hi Ahmed,

Based on the error, the FLP just couldn't find the navigation intent -- SemanticObject and Action called fioriHtmlBuilder-display. That means you need to check the configuration you have in the HTML app that you are running. There's an applications configuration that looks like this:

            applications: {
                "masterDetail-display": {
                    title: "Sample App",
                    description: "A Fiori elements application.",
                    additionalInformation: "",
                    applicationType: "URL",
                    url: "../"

And then when bootstrapping SAPUI5 the resourceroots should point to your correct namespace:

data-sap-ui-resourceroots='{"": "../"}'